The Ultimate Baby Crib Quilt-A-Thon

Summertime, vacation, and quilting… relaxation and taking time to relax are always great for the body, mind and soul.  But this year, along with a good friend, we drove from South Florida to Pennsylvania.  From the Sunshine State through the Smokey Mountains, through the twists and turns of the West Virginia Turnpike and the valleys of the Appalachian Mountains, I sat in the passenger seat as my friend Judy navigated us over 3600 miles of Interstate Highways or back country roads.

Since I am not fond of driving, and my friend is not a willing and comfortable passenger, she did all the driving.  This was the perfect arrangement for me. Prior to the vacation trip, I took time to sew 7 handmade baby quilt tops for Unique Baby Quilt Boutique and pinned each so that I would be ready for what I jokingly called my “Ultimate Quilt-A-Thon.”

As each pattern was handquilted, the pins were removed, and then one by one I finished each quilt.  Since I had the binding sewn on ready to also do that handwork, the baby quilt was completely finished and bound before another was begun.

The callus on my finger might be difficult for a police finger printing job, but it was positive proof that hours had been spent with a needle in hand.

Despite the enjoyment with my craft, I did have a very important role to play as the co-pilot on our trip.  It was my job to make sure we did not get lost, as we made our way through some of our country’s most beautiful land.  In the 27 years that I have lived in Florida, I have always flown to and from my native state of Pennsylvania.  Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the drive, but 6 or the 7 quilts are completely quilted and the 7th a majority of the way completed.  As for that callus on my finger…  I do believe with the unpacking and washing of returning from a trip, it will get a rest.

So if you are an avid quilter and cannot find the time just to sit and enjoy your craft, I have found the “Ultimate Quilt-A-Thon.”   Find yourself a great driver of mountains and one who loves it behind the wheel as much as you enjoy plying the needle and you two will be in for a great adventure.

Look for new quilts soon on my website, Unique Baby Quilt Boutique.

Time to do some wash!



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