Teddy Bear March Baby Quilt

Here in South Florida we have been pounded with our summer thunderstorms.  These are so strong, that they can make you jump with the loud and sudden cracks and streaks of lightning that seems to come too close for comfort.

It was a storm that gave me the inspiration for my “Teddy Bear March” handmade baby quilt.  I remembered my own little girl in a dangerous storm running to her bedroom for her favorite stuffed bear to hug and make sure that “Teddy” was safe and dry.

This handmade baby quilt was designed to wrap a little one and keep them protected from the storm.  Your little one will be surrounded by the cuddly soft bears in these shades of blue with a hint of white on this handmade, handquilted, 100% baby flannel comfort quilt.  Soft light blue squares of minky are added softness and texture.   A handmade baby quilt gives comfort, security, and warmth to your little one.  A custom handmade baby quilt becomes a treasured keepsake for years to come.

All of my handmade baby quilts are hand quilted for durability and are completely machine washable.  This handmade baby quilt’s binding is blue with white striped and hand stitched.

Time to quilt my next handmade baby quilt.

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