The Answer to Scrap Problem – Not Another Handmade Quilt


Truth be known – quilters know all the angles. Every quilter has that extra large stash of scraps. For some reason, no matter how many times you attempt to use these scrap for handmade project after project, not only does the amount of the scraps appear to increase, but there tends to be a need for more storage containers to store the stash.

 You need not fear, the solution is not a new storage closest, or even renting the house next door just to keep the sudden and often unexpected increase in your stash of scraps.  Nor do you have to design one more scrappy handmade quilt from the handmade quilt patterns which promised to make a dent your wonderful scrap collection. 

Donate that unneeded material to local non-profit agencies to be used in providing sewing classes.  Many local agencies would be happy to take the fabric off your hands and put it to good use.

scrap fabric

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