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Simply Teal and Gray Baby Quilt


Simply Teal and Gray is a handmade baby quilt for boys or girls that can give the brand-new baby a lifetime of pleasure. The Baby Quilt Lady knows that parents today are searching for handmade baby quilts in a teal and gray color scheme for their nursery.

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Simply Teal and Gray Baby Quilt is a handmade baby quilt suitable for boys and girls.

The baby can have no better companion than this handmade baby quilt you gave him at his birth. It will always be there to give him warmth when those cold winter winds blow. Air-conditioning is also sometimes just too much for the little guy.

The little one can fall asleep under the homemade teal and gray quilt’s soothing warmth, and he can snuggle with it to boost his sense of well-being.

The toddler can take this handmade quilt to Grandma’s house and feel right at home in any bed she has for him. Don’t think he’ll want to give up his comfy quilt when he graduates to a youth bed.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy care – machine wash and dry

  • Reversible – get a new look for baby’s room  by flipping over the quilt

  • Generously sized – 36 x 40 inches

  • Machine quilted for durability

  • We hand stitch the binding in a coordinating color

  • Quilted with love by Sharon, The Baby Quilt Lady

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