Need A Diaper Bag?

Did you ever feel like the diaper bag you are carrying is nothing more than an over-sized purse?


When you drop the baby’s bottle, diapers, baby quilt, or stuffed animal into the bag it falls into the abyss of that zipper opening and finding what you need in a hurry for the baby can be a real dilemma.

The answer to your problem lies in organization.  A set of 6 pieces that include a large Tote bag that has a roomy compartment for large items like diapers or a blanket, yet is designed with multiple pockets for easy access of smaller items like diaper wipes, or medication. Because this tote has a reliable zip-top closure, all items that are important for your baby are secure.  Plus the carrying strap makes carrying the diaper bag easy to handle.

To add to the accessories, the larger diaper bag comes with a smaller tote bag and this also has a zip closure and strap that makes carrying the tote easier on Mom.

Finally included in this wonderful diaper bag 6 piece set, is a padded changing station which comes in handy when mom takes the baby out and needs to lay the baby down on a hard or not so clean surface.  The accessory case handles those small items and tucks securely in each diaper bag.  This is the perfect place to put that extra pacifier or pin that come in handy in many situations.  Whether you live in a hot or cold climate, the insulated zippered bottle bag will be perfect for keeping bottles warm or cool.  These fit most bottle sizes.

Now get organized.  Stop using that diaper bag that has an endless bottom and check out the SoHo Collection, Pink Zebra 6 pieces Diaper Bag Set today.

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