Meet Our Baby Barnyard Friends

Counting Sheep Baby Quilt

Welcome to our baby barnyard friends.  There is no time like the present to introduce a newborn to animals of the farm.  Each animal quilt is a special, lovely, and enjoyable way to cuddle and grow up with. A special gift – a soft, handmade baby quilt with animals from the barnyard.

Peachy Little Lamb Handmade Baby Quilt

Let’s first check out our lamb. Imagine the joy of a child growing up and being able to fall asleep while counting the frolicking little lambs on a handmade baby quilt. Everyone, adults included are instantly attracted to lambs running and playing, a child’s imagination grows when stimulated by such beauty, imagine them falling asleep with the baby lambs to cuddle with all night long.

Little Ducky Waddle Handmade Baby Quilt

In the barnyard, there might be little ducks found in ponds that capture the hearts of the young children, these same ducklings will bring joy through the patterns of uniquely designed baby quilts. Each duckling will waddle into the hearts of your children or grandchildren, and you will find these lovely creatures for sale on your unique handmade baby quilt.

Check out these and other barnyard friends for other handmade baby quilts for sale.

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