Lavender Handmade Baby Quilts

Let’s face it. Pink is so overdone when it comes to gifts for little baby girls.

Sure it’s the traditional color for newly arrived little misses, but smart gift givers might want to shake things up a bit with handmade baby quilts in pale lavender and white.

lavender sparkles

This combination, artfully designed in various patterns with flowers and stripes and polka dots, is just as soothing to a little girl who needs her beauty sleep and just as feminine as the conventional color.

Besides, a pop of color in the nursery could be just the thing to stimulate a brand new mind, and to send a message that this little girl welcomes a chance to travel to dreamland off the beaten path.

 Lavender handmade baby quilts made of soft baby flannel also make a smooth transition for use as play mats or car blankets when it’s so important for tiny ones to feel big.

These homemade baby quilts will be around for that transition, since they are hand-assembled and bound, but machine-stitched for maximum durability. Toss them in the washer and dryer and they are ready to provide years of comfort and pleasure.

Take a look at lavender handmade baby quilts, gifts for cribs that can make it to dorm rooms.

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