Baby Quilt Binding – SEW Simple!

A new baby quilt is finished, but what binding do I choose?

Before I pull out my many fabric bins and decide the colors, the method I choose for the binding of my baby quilt needs to be considered first.

How much time do I have to denote to the binding?  How will the baby quilt be maintained?  Did this quilt have straight edges or did I get fancy and add the curves?   Do I want to create a certain mood with my binding?

If my answers here are to keep it simple since I have a basic straight edge and my time is of the essence, use a bias, straight- grain, or single fold binding.

A bias binding provides the quilter with bias binding strips cut on the bias or at a 45 degree angle.  This provides a stretchiness which eases sewing around curves or angles.  In this type of binding, strips are sewn or pieced together to achieve the correct or total length required for the project.

Now I am off to finish my latest baby quilt.  I decided to use a bias binding.

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