Handmade Baby Quilts with Bunnies Are Ideal for Easter Giving

Handmade baby quilts with bunnies are ideal for Easter giving, and that’s because rabbits have been celebrated in books and films for decades.  And now they are even in the soft baby flannel featured in Unique Baby Quilt Boutique’s special baby quilt designs for boys and girls.

The Baby Quilt Lady has discovered some adorable little bunnies that will delight your precious little baby in a quilt designed just for him or her. She’ll arrange each quilt in a graphic pattern that will be his or hers only, personalized with the baby’s name, if you wish, embroidered as an integral design element.

Think of how those oh-so-cuddly little bunnies might shape your little baby’s future.

Show Biz Rabbits

While you’re cuddling with your little girl and her bunny quilt, tell her about all the famous rabbits on film. There’s the irresistible Thumper in “Bambi.”   And Hazel in “Watership  Down.” There’s the feisty Bugs Bunny, and the animated Roger Rabbit. Also wily Brer Rabbit in Disney’s “Song of the South.”  Along with James Stewart the co-star of “Harvey” is a rabbit of the Pooka variety who is never even seen.  The Energizer Bunny’s long-running gig is the envy of many would-be media stars.

Story Book Rabbits

The little bunnies cavorting on handmade baby quilts sewn by The Baby Quilt Lady have loads of ancestors celebrated on the pages of much-loved story books. Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit has been a mainstay of children’s literature for

Bunny Hop Baby Quilt squares

many years, and is now a film. Lewis Carroll incorporated The March Hare and The White Rabbit in his classic “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” and “The Velveteen Rabbit” is a childhood favorite.

Iconic Rabbit

peach bunnies and flowers

Perhaps the most famous of all is The Easter Bunny, a creature who brings joy and sweetness to children at a sweet time of the year. Little children with bunnies on their quilts will have this reminder of that famous spring visitor every time they cuddle with their warm and toasty quilts in their cribs.

Bunny Quilts Have Rabbit Mobility

Rabbits are known for their hopping ability, and bunny quilts made by The Baby Quilt Lady are just as mobile, hopping from crib to carriage to car with ease. They can be taken to the playroom to be play mats. They can be packed to provide familiar comfort in new surroundings. They can leap into Grandma’s lap when she tells a fairy tale on the living room couch.

Those fluffy, long-eared creatures have survived through all kinds of environmental challenges and have remained a popular subject of art through the ages. So the bunny quilts from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique will always be a beloved part of your baby’s life. The way they are made gives them rabbit-like endurance, so they can be appreciated all through this baby’s childhood and the next generations as well.

Make the leap. Put quilt bunnies in your baby’s Easter basket, or choose from dozens of spring-like flower and animal prints that are equally appropriate.

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