Handmade Baby Girl Quilts are Moms’ Favorite Gifts

Handmade baby girl quilts are moms’ favorite gifts, because they’ll enjoy them just as much as their babies, although maybe in different ways.n Here are four reasons why.

The Unique Design is Tailor-Made for the Unique Child

Moms know that each bundle of joy with which she’s been blessed is like no other baby in the world, so how thrilled she’ll be to open your present and see the personalized quilt you chose, maybe with the baby’s name embroidered on it. She’ll recognize at once that the theme of the quilt is one that matches the nursery decor, or the family hobbies. The new little boy might not grasp the significance of the football helmets right away, but he’ll catch on soon enough when he’s wrapped in his quilt and watching his big brothers play.   The baby girl who gets dancing slippers on her quilt will soon be dreaming of being a tot-sized ballerina, just like her big sister is. The Baby Quilt Lady fashions the design elements into a quilt that is like no other, so each special baby gets a quilt stitched to suit just him or her.

Handmade Baby Quilt, Lady Bugs, pink baby quilt for girls

The Quilt Prints Are the Start of Learning

Every mother wants her child to love leaning, and a quilt from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique is a great head start. If the baby gets a quilt with garden creatures on it, she’ll shortly be able to tell which the dragon fly is and which the bumble bee is.  If that precious new boy gets a homemade patchwork quilt, he’ll quickly be able to match the pairs and name the animals on the patches. There’s a nursery rhyme print that helps little ones learn all the rhymes their parents recite. And when they ask about the space ships and stars on their quilts, moms and dads can start to explain the wonders of the galaxy or the adventures of the astronauts.

Moms and Kids Will Love the Ruggedness

Babies do a lot to their quilts. They drag them on the floor and through the yard. They use them for comfy play mats on the floor. They’ve been known to dribble a snack or two on them.  What the little ones want is for their beloved companions to be always clean and whole.  That’s why moms love the quilts made by The Baby Quilt Lady, because they’re expertly put together for durability and made with fabrics that can survive the washer and dryer. No parent wants a disappointed child with a raggedy quilt.

The Keepsake Quality Is a Delayed Delight

When the little one is tearing around the house with his quilt in tow, no one’s thinking about the future.  But when his safely-stored handmade crib quilt gets handed down to his own first child, he’ll appreciate what a treasure he’s been given.  And Mom and Dad, they knew it all along.Counting Sheep Baby Quilt

Contact Unique Baby Quilt Boutique today to start planning a gift quilt that’ll be everyone’s hands-down favorite.

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