Handmade Baby Quilts and New Babies

Every new mom has a story to tell about handmade baby quilts and new babies. 

The road to holding her new baby in her arms are sometimes a bit bumpy.  Some roads are more rocky and longer than others. Handmade baby quilts tell many stories.

A baby quilt from Grandma

Grandma and Abigail

As a mother of 4, I truly understand the long hard road.  My husband and I had been married for over nine years.  Our first son came quickly on Friday morning after a phone call on the previous Wednesday from the adoption case manager.  We became Instant parents and cherished every minute.

Five years and many embarrassing tests for both of us later, we had a baby boy naturally.  Twenty months following my first natural birth, our sons had a new brother.  The family, of my three sons, was amazing and complete.

As a working mom, a teacher, I took what little free time I could muster and made them each handmade baby quilts.  If time permitted, I would make one for their numerous cousins (15) that were in the same age range as my boys.  Large families are wonderful for built in friends to play with when coming to visit.

As my story is not over because as at age 41, my daughter came into this world and made our family complete. To add to our life, my husband and I enjoy 3 beautiful grandchildren.  With God’s blessing, we hope to live to see them grow up and be part of their lives.

I have found others like myself, many that I have made quilts for their children and grandchildren, who have shared similar stories of the road to family.  One Mom, Trish, shared her story with me.

abby on quilt

… “I had some health issues that kept me in and out of hospitals for two years and I was told I’d never be able to have children. When I found out I was pregnant the complications continued. Thankfully my husband and I have been blessed with a perfect baby boy and we look forward to the privilege of raising him together.

As an expectant mom, however, I wondered why I didn’t have the “glow” and searched for answers to my questions: what to expect when it ISN’T expected… that prompted me to begin writing a blog on the subject. The response was overwhelming and I soon set up a website and now an online magazine dedicated to moms and dads. My goal is to give my readers tips and insight to help tone you mentally, physically, and spiritually during your pregnancy and beyond.

Please visit my website at helpingmommytone.tumblr.com and look for the links to my recent blogs and digital magazine.  I can also be followed on twitter, facebook, pinterest, and linkedin; email me directly at helpingmommytone@gmail.com. “

Like Trish, I have turned to helping others by using my talents to design and hand quilt unique handmade baby quilts so that other mothers and grandmothers may give a keepsake gift.  One that will bring tears of joy to the eyes of the new mom as she visualizes her new baby cuddles in any of the handmade baby quilts.

Lady Bug Fly Away Home baby quilt

Handmade baby quilts and new babies are unique and adorable.

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