3 Handmade Baby Quilt Techniques

The 3 common handmade baby quilt techniques are easy for the beginner or the experienced quilter. 

These include patchwork quilting, strip piecing and appliqué. In all types of techniques choosing the correct needle and thread for the baby quilt fabric is important.

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The art of patchwork quilting began when small pieces were sewn directly onto a cloth backing.  This tedious method has given way to more efficient ways of sewing pieces together to form blocks.  These squares are then sewn into rows or diagonal bands.  Strips of fabric can be used to form a lattice effect that creates a frame around the block for the patchwork.  Today, variations of block and designs are pieced so that they create visual effects such as flowers, leaves, or boats.  Creative names are given to these patchwork designs or their variations and each may be recognized by these sometimes whimsical names.  The use of templates and rulers are used in the cutting of the pieces used in the patchwork technique.

A common and quickest of the 3 handmade baby quilt technique is strip piecing. Begin with a design in mind and use a fabric that is smooth and does not ravel.  Cutting the strips is easier from a piece of fabric that is larger than from smaller bits.  The striping technique, Seminole Type patchwork, can be done without the use of scissors.  In the case, the material should be 100% cotton so that that material is easily ripped.  If the strips are going to be cut, be sure to consider not mixing the types of materials, since one strip may stretch or shrink and another not.  Iron carefully.  Do not wiggle the iron since the fabrics will not lie smooth if you do.

The last the handmade baby quilt technique is appliqué.  Many times a in the early days of quilts when a quilt would start to show wear in certain spots a piece of fabric was needed to be added to cover that area.  Gradually, these patches became more interesting in their shapes and designs and the decorative appliqué became to be known.  Today, just as an artist plans a painting, so must a quilter plan a design for appliqué quilting.  From a simple to an elaborate design, each motif must be placed in the right position and in the right order on the baby quilt. From a one-piece motif to a multiple pieced patterns, each design needs to be cut out and arranged onto the quilt top. Securing and stitching the motifs help to cover the raw edges and secure the design onto the handmade baby quilt.

Handmade baby quilt techniques are fun to do.  Try them all.

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