Buying Handmade Baby Gifts

It is time to go shopping for new little outfits, a car seat, or just boxes of diapers.  Yet, this new baby is special so you want handmade baby gifts not something that can be found on every department store shelf.

penguins on parade quilt

Just ask yourself where are some of the gifts that you bought or were given in the last few years.  Many don’t even last that long.  Consider buying handmade baby quilts as baby gifts.  These keepsake quilts have been sewn and hand quilted by someone who enjoyed their craft, put hours of love and dedication into their craft, and shared it with you.

My grandmother taught me to quilt when I was a young girl.  Her lessons are not only important to me today but the many vintage quilts that were made by her hands are still on my beds today, well over a hundred years later.  I still have the first baby quilt she made me when I was born.  Handmade baby gifts last a lifetime and bring with them the memories of those who give and share these wonderful treasures.

diaper cake
Monkey See, Monkey Do

Another of the handmade baby gifts that is popular for baby showers is the diaper cake.  In these tiered designs, every diaper is usable.  Many of the baby cakes feature adorable monkeys or bears with lotions, shampoo, body wash, diaper ointment and soap.  Themed baby cakes welcome a new baby home or can be used for the center piece for a baby shower.  These handmade gifts are perfect for the new mother to be because all parts of the diaper cake are usable baby items wrapped up in accent ribbons and bows.

Make your next presents be handmade baby gifts.

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