Buy a Handmade Baby Quilt for a Shower Gift

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If you’re longing to buy a handmade baby quilt for the shower you’ll be attending, but you’re budget-blocked, find some partners to share the cost and the glory.

There’ll be plenty of glory to go around when that magnificent handmade baby quilt comes out of its box, so think about sharing it. Everyone who sees it will be wowed by the unique design, and everyone will realize that this is no temporary pleasure for the newborn, but a treasure that will stay in the family and be loved for generations.

That kind of wonderful doesn’t come cheap. An experienced quilter has shopped long and hard for the most adorable prints in the finest baby flannels to create a one-of-a-kind design. Then the fabrics are washed and ironed so the quilt will maintain its integrity. The components are carefully matched and the stitching is meticulously applied to produce sturdy quilts that can survive all the washings and dryings and cuddlings they’re going to get.  All that prep results in extraordinary homemade baby quilts for boys and girls that will outshine all the conventional gifts at the baby shower.

You know a handmade baby quilt created with a personalized design that matches the lifestyle of the family is a priceless gift, but alas there is a price, and now your creativity is needed to make this dream gift a reality.  Here are four places to start:

The Family

Why not propose a joint gift from the aunts or the cousins? Not only will they appreciate the thought of giving something that will be a family heirloom, but they’ll love that they don’t have to do their own gift shopping for the shower.

The Office

The expectant mom has been a wonderful co-worker, and everyone would love to give her new baby something spectacular. Pooling resources to buy an unusual handmade baby quilt for a shower is a great way for everyone to get in on a gift that’s extra special. Tell them how much nicer it will be for this valued friend to get one sensational gift rather than a bunch of modest, ordinary ones.

The Neighbors

The expectant family has always been a considerate, friendly member of the neighborhood. This is the perfect opportunity for folks to show their appreciation by chipping in on a fabulous homemade baby quilt that will say a lot but not cost a lot when it comes from the group.

The Club

 If the mom-to-be played bridge or bowled with friends, a joint gift is a lovely way for everyone in the club to be in on a super gift that’s affordable.  The mom-to-be has given her time and talent to many club projects. Now it’s the club’s opportunity to let her know how valuable her efforts have been. The hand-sewn baby quilt will be a lavish gift, but the cost will be modest for the members of the club.

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So now you’ve got a plan when your heart is full and your pockets are light: Find other shower guests who’ll be happy to share the cost and the pleasure of giving a handmade baby quilt.

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