Baby Shower Gifts

Need any Baby shower gifts?  The invitation has arrived and now you want to find just the right amazing and unique gift that the mother-to-be will not receive from anyone else.  What gift idea for the newborn can be truly classic and fantastic?

The nursery colors will give you a start to the colors and designs.  Choose from these that the mother-to-be has already selected.  Her theme and colors or those on the shower invitation will cue you in to the ideas that Mom likes best.

Find a shower gift that all at the shower will “oooh’ and “aah” over as your gift is open and passed around for all to see at close inspection.  Not just a “look see” once the present is open and tossed aside awaiting the next package to be selected.

Select a gift that will stand the test of time not to be out grown in a few short weeks, or a year.  An original, one of-a-kind treasure of a life-time which could be saved and passed down to the next generation.

What could be this unique, this special, this amazing to have all at the baby shower amazed?   Handmade baby quilts are a perfect combination of comfort and creativity.

animal I Spy quilt for a baby shower gift
Animal I Spy

Unique Baby Quilt Boutique has adorable and durable baby quilts for boys and girls, unique baby quilts for twins, homemade crib quilts for the nursery all made with 100% cotton flannel.   These patchwork quilt patterns feature blocks made of minky and a durable quilt bindings.

Baby Shower gifts – Stop by  Unique Baby Quilt Boutique today!

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