Gifts from the Heart

You have a special baby shower and you need just the right gift.

A gift certificate is always needed which allows the new mom to purchase diapers, wipes, and other necessities but that is not the special shower gift you have in mind.  A gift card is not personal or extra special.  Though the wipes are needed, once they are gone, your gift is long forgotten.

Truck Traffic - A handmade baby quilt
Truck Traffic

Gifts from the heart are always the handmade blankets and hats and things that were made especially for a baby with love.  A handmade baby quilt stitched with love in patchwork patterns is handmade to be both durable and adorable.  This shower gift should bring tears to the eyes of the new mom, as she visualizes her little one cuddled in the soft folds of the baby quilt.

This means your gift is going to be no ordinary shower gift.  This present has to be unique, special, and stand out at the shower not be tossed aside after a few statements of “Wow how nice,” or “So cute,” and then be forgotten in the pile with the other baby shower gifts.  You want to have everyone at the baby shower passing your baby gift around for all to see and touch.

The new mom won’t already have the same gift or get one at the shower.  A unique handmade baby quilt is the perfect shower gift from the heart.

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