Any Day Spent Quilting Is a Good Day!

“Any day spent hand quilting  is a good day!”

With teaching during the day at school, there are few hours left in the evening to enjoy my craft of handmade baby quilts.

Yet I know what all quilters know and that is that any day spent quilting on my baby quilts is a good day.

The time spent with needle and thread is more than often done in the solitude of my sewing room, when the peace and quiet after the busy day is a welcome relief.

Hand quilting on my baby quilts is a decorative form of sewing, a simple technique, that is used to create many lovely effects and designs.

Small and neat stitches worked together produce a running stitch that are used to secure three layers of fabric in place, hence the process of hand quilting a baby quilt.

There are many other stitches that used in the art of hand quilting and each have a purpose to the construction or and design of the baby quilt.  For example, the basting stitch is a temporary stitch, but an important one that is used to hold the layers of material in place until hand quilting stitches are completed.  These stitches can be even or uneven and straight or diagonal in direction.

The running stitch is most important for the hand quilter and is sometimes referred to as the quilting stitch.  After securing the end of the thread into the material, this tiny stitch is used by weaving the needle in and out of the cloth until several stitches are made.   The hand quilter needs only to pull the needle through the material with all stitches and then restart the series again.

No matter the where you are a master of hand quilting or one just attempting your first project.  Hand quilting can be a relaxing and enjoyable pastime.

Take time for hand quilting.

handmade and homemade baby quilt stitches

Hand quilted Stitches

handmade and homemade baby quilt Hand quilted Stitches

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