5 Reasons Why Grandparents Buy Handmade Baby Quilts

When a new baby is joining the family, the grandparents’ pride and pleasure is boundless. How do they express it? With love and affection for sure, but the gift of a home-made baby quilt says volumes about their devotion.

Handmade Baby Quilt, Baseball Days, red and blue baseball print quilt

They Appreciate the Keepsake Value

Grandma herself might still have the lace-edged handkerchief from her mother’s wedding, or the ring her father wore. Wonderful keepsakes, but usually tucked away in the back of a drawer and seldom seen by younger family members. Baby quilts handmade from flannel will not only be treasured by the newest arrival, but will be used and appreciated by that baby’s future siblings and maybe her own children. No sequestered drawer for heirloom baby quilts. They’ll be front and center in the next generations’ babyhoods, seen and used in the crib and wherever else babies go.

They Seek Originality

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Grandparents hope to give their new grandchild something totally different than the many other gifts that will be given. The outfits blur into one big pastel mass. The equipment is destined for a corner of the garage.  Nothing is more distinctive than a quilt that has been created from a quilter’s store of unique baby quilt ideas.  This won’t be the third one of its kind in a stack of quilts on the shelf of some baby store. This will have a personally chosen theme that dovetails with the family’s interests. There are fish designs and seacraft motifs for boating families.  There are animals and flowers for the nature-loving clans.  Some minky baby quilts have circus themes and fanciful patterns for the families who love art and grand imagination.

They Value Quality

The older generation has witnessed many high tech advances, but at the same time, a sad degeneration of quality goods. Things shrink, fade, fall apart and malfunction with only limited use. Not so homemade baby quilts that have been carefully assembled from high quality fabrics, machine-stitched and expertly bound to insure maximum durability.  Most handmade baby quilts for sale can be washed in the washer and dried in the dryer without a loss of their integrity.

They Love to Bring Happiness

Grandparents are those special people who slip the grandkids a secret dollar, who let them have forbidden desserts, who spring for the new bike when the parents can’t afford one.  It’s in their DNA.  So why wouldn’t they want to start that special relationship right in the crib, by giving the new baby such an extraordinary gift – a soft, cheery quilt to cuddle with when it’s sleepy time and come along with when the world gets bigger?

They Hope to be Remembered

handmade baby quilt, blue and yellow print

Not all grandparents live close enough to their loved ones to have them gather for Sunday dinner, or to help out with a little babysitting so Mom and Dad can take  break. They’d like to be in their grandchildren’s lives, but distance prevents it.  Handmade baby quilts can serve as constant reminders that although Grandma and Grandpa can’t be there very often to see their new grandchild, they chose a gift that will give pleasure to their grandchild every day.

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