Your Bespoke Handmade Baby Quilt Will Wow at the Shower

Your bespoke handmade baby quilt will wow at the shower, because bespoke means it’s custom-made.

How bespoke?   The Baby Quilt Lady can personalize the quilt you choose in these ways:

Choose colors to coordinate with the colors of the nursery.

Your off-the-shelf baby quilts are usually manufactured in conventional colors to please the largest amount of buyers. Not so at Unique Baby Quilt Boutique where handmade quilts for boys and girls can be ordered in any shades of the rainbow that harmonize with the colors on the nursery walls, rugs or furniture. Will this little girl be surrounded in the color purple? No problem for The Baby Quilt Lady and her many lavender fabrics. If it’s just got to be blue for the new little bruiser, choices range from pastels to denims.

Choose themes that reflect the family’s Interests

If this new arrival is entering a home of sports fans, there are several prints that can be made up into a one-of-a-k

ind design that reflects that interest. Maybe sailing is the family’s passion.  Then the newcomer can be launched with a baby quilt afloat with little sailboats. And for the family that enthuses about academics, there are prints with letters and numbers, plus patchwork motifs that start teaching recognition of plants and animals right from the get-go.

Incorporate the Baby’s Name into the Design

If the parents have already named the baby, you have the opportunity for The Baby Quilt Lady to embroider that name right into the design of the baby quilt. You can’t get much more custom-made than a hand-sewn baby quilt created in the nursery’s colors that also includes the baby’s very own name.

Have the clothing of Family Loved Ones Integrated into the Design

Okay, so there is another way to achieve the ultimate in bespoke quilting, and that’s to have the clothing of family members become part of the quilt design. The Baby Quilt Lady is a whiz at incorporating pieces of fabric that were once a part of a grandfather’s shirt or a grandma’s blouse into an ingenious, eye-pleasing design that will always remind the baby of dear ones who might not be close enough to share in his life. Just think how comforting for the family to know that their dear little one is snuggling with family remembrances.

A Bespoke Handmade Baby Quilt is Shower Power

Just think of the reaction of all those shower guests when that bespoke quilt you chose to give is revealed. All the conventional baby clothes and impersonal, mass-produced baby gear will pale in comparison to the custom-made baby quilt you so carefully selected to be a cherished possession of this new baby and a special heirloom for her babies to come.

Contact The Baby Quilt Lady today to start planning your fabulous bespoke baby quilt shower gift.

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