Unique Handmade Baby Quilts are Donated

As The Baby Quilt Lady, I have designed unique handmade baby quilts for more than two decades.  Unique Baby Quilt Boutique has been able to provide baby quilts and personalize handmade baby quilts as ideal presents for the new mothers, baby shower gift ideas, or just that one-of-a-kind keepsake gift for the new baby.  

These quilts are for sale online and are the perfect combination of comfort and creativity.  All unique handmade baby quilts are designed to be both durable and adorable and will last for a lifetime protecting and nurturing your baby. 

Though The Baby Quilt Lady does design and sell, I also spend many hours creating my handmade baby quilts to donateThe Linus Project, a non-profit organization that provides homemade quilts and blankets to children in need, has a local chapter.  Though I never know what children come to hold and cuddle with my quilts, just realizing that as I stitch, I also sew my thoughts and prayers for their safety and future into each quilt.  I believe that each child needs a chance to grow up in a loving, safe environment. 

Quilts for Project Linus
Quilts for Project Linus

Another child in our community, London, needed some support as well.  This funny, happy 10-year-old has been diagnosed with a condition called Chiari Malformation with Syringomyelia.  This means that the bottom portion of her brain is being forced out of the base of her skull into her spinal column and creating a blockage of fluid to her spinal cord.  This would result in irreversible paralysis.  Her next step would involve surgery that would help a growing adolescent and hopefully correct her spine and reduce pain.   As part of a fundraiser for London, I donated an I Spy handmade baby quilt to be used for their silent auction.   Good luck to London and prayers for her recovery. 

To donate for London:

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