The start of a new school year is like the beginning steps to the designing of any of my baby quilts.
Today began my 39th year as an elementary classroom teacher. It was wonderful to watch the excitement of those young ladies and gentleman as they nervously entered my classroom this morning, and anxiously awaited what the school day bring and how the new school year would unfold.

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Standing in front of the mirror in the morning preparing for my classes at school was the inspiration for this baby quilt, “Pretty in Pink.” I pick up one outfit after another and trying to decide the perfect color combination that is just right for the school day.

To be honest, pink is just not my color. But to a new little lady in your life, she will be SEW “Pretty in Pink.” There were some brilliant shades of pinks in my stash, just waiting for the right baby quilt. Here right in front of my mirror, they were discovered, like a new star on the stage.

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