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You just found fabric on sale for your handmade baby crib quilts, but it is 90 degrees outside.  Now, you need tips for storing it.  Quilters who make handmade baby quilts do so in their own unique way, but they all share the same guilty pleasure: Buying huge amounts of fabric for future projects. Stockpiling …

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The super soft flannel is comforting, but the colorful patches are teachers. The Baby Quilt Lady assembles the squares in a puzzle format, so little people sharpen their perception skills by searching the quilt for the matching squares. It is fun and it fills some of the long time indoors with an absorbing, noiseless thing …

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Handmade baby quilts are good news for the new year because little boys and girls get a benefit every month. Here’s how:

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 You’ll be getting a ton of thanks when you choose a handmade baby quilt for the new baby boys and girls in your life from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique.  And that’s not just the heartfelt thank -you that you’ll be showered with at the baby shower. Here’s what happens later:   Babies Say Thanks with …

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As The Baby Quilt Lady, I have designed unique handmade baby quilts for more than two decades.  Unique Baby Quilt Boutique has been able to provide baby quilts and personalize handmade baby quilts as ideal presents for the new mothers, baby shower gift ideas, or just that one-of-a-kind keepsake gift for the new baby.   These …

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Your bespoke handmade baby quilt will wow at the shower, because bespoke means it’s custom-made. How bespoke?   The Baby Quilt Lady can personalize the quilt you choose in these ways: Choose colors to coordinate with the colors of the nursery. Your off-the-shelf baby quilts are usually manufactured in conventional colors to please the largest amount of buyers. Not so at Unique Baby …

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Send your baby a handmade baby quilt valentine, because Valentine’s Day is for every sweetheart in your life.  Just because the day of the Cupid traditionally concerns romantic love doesn’t mean for a second that you can’t use the occasion to tell the precious little one in your life of the love you have. A …

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Project Linus sends love with handmade baby quilts to babies and older children who have a big need of both. Michelle Gawlinski, now in charge of the Naples, FL chapter, has been contributing her handiwork since 2000. “When I was a lieutenant in the Collier County Sheriff’s Department and was raising two kids, the time …

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Give your little pumpkin a handmade baby quilt and you’ll provide a treat that’ll last a lot longer than a candy apple. Here’s what you’ll be giving: Warmth A three-ply baby quilt made with the softest baby flannel will furnish the lightweight, gentle warmth every baby needs. The Baby Quilt Lady’s hand-crafted quilts for boys …

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