Start the New Year with Handmade Baby Quilts for Boys and Girls

Start the New Year with Handmade Baby Quilts for boys and girls and you’ll get your special babies off to a wonderful start in life. Here are four reasons why:

A Warm Baby Is a Happy Baby

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A handmade baby quilt from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique will keep that little fella or gal warm and cozy wherever the location. Maybe nap time will be in a friend’s guest bedroom where the temperature is a tad cool.  The quilt-wrapped baby will be relaxed and ready for Dreamland, because he’s warmed by his own favorite quilt and soothed by its familiar smell and feel.

Perhaps the family is watching Brother’s football game on a frosty Saturday afternoon. The little one might not know all the rules of the game, but he does know he’s warm and toasty in his hand quilted blanket, so he’ll smile and gurgle while the crowd cheers. These baby quilts will Start the New Year with Handmade Baby Quilts for Boys and Girls.

And if Mom needs to be in the stands while Sis has her ice-skating lesson, there’ll be no fussing from the littlest sibling snugly wrapped in her own favorite quilt and protected from the icy atmosphere.

Personalized Quilts Make Babies Feel Special

You don’t need to be Dr. Freud to know that children thrive when they have a positive sense of identity, and that’s something you can help nourish with a personalized baby quilt from The Baby Quilt Lady.  She can embroider the baby’s name right into the design of the quilt. personalized zoo fun

You can choose a print that will harmonize with the family’s interests or the décor of the nursery. For instance, the print with cars and trucks is perfect for a nursery with cars as its theme.  Or flowers and garden critters are ideal for a family of gardeners.  And each quilt is designed to be one of a kind.

The Baby Quilt Lady also can integrate pieces of fabric from the clothing of family loved ones, so the baby is always surrounded by the love of those who care about him most. A great way to  start the New Year with handmade baby quilts for boys and girls.

Put That Baby on the Learning Fast Track

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Monkey See, Monkey Do

Besides the gift of warmth and comfort, your quilt gift is a head start for learning. Even the tiniest baby will soon be able to distinguish the different numbers on her quilt with a numerical motif. The I Spy patchwork quilt not only sharpens perception as mother and child search for the matching patches, but also gives loads of chances to learn the names of the flowers and animals on the patches. There’s a nursery rhyme print that will help foster the ability to remember and recite the rhymes, and there’s an outer-space print that will stimulate interest in space exploration and the world beyond.

Comfort and Confidence Are Sewn into Every Quilt

You can’t do much better than give a new baby a sense of security, comfort and confidence in herself. The Baby Quilt Lady’s meticulously-made hand-sewn baby quilts are built to last, designed to please and most importantly, help guide the new little ones towards maximizing their potential.

To Start the New Year with Handmade Baby Quilts for Boys and Girls, contact her today.

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