Handmade Baby Quilts: The Grandma Imperative

When moms and dads graduate to grand-parenthood, their relationship with the new little babies in the family can be just as intense as it was with their own children. This time around there are ways of showing their love that just weren’t there before.

great grandma

 One of the most enjoyable is buying the grand-babies wonderful gifts that their budget-conscious parents would not. And one of the most satisfying gifts grandparents can choose in that category is a home-made baby quilt with a unique design just perfect for the new arrival and his family.

Buying handmade baby quilts for boys and girls is a great choice for newborns for many reasons.

They’re durable.

frog in dots quilt

Those grand-kids are adorable, but they sure can be messy little creatures. Their crib furnishings are going to need a lot of laundering, and that’s where a well-crafted baby quilt will earn its keep. Made of soft baby flannel and pre-washed before fabrication,  a home-made baby quilt will come through the washing machine and dryer with flying colors, time and time again.

They’re ageless

Time flies, and thriving babies soon outgrow many of the gifts they got when they first entered the world. Not so, the baby quilt. It’s designed to grow with baby, so that when the little one starts moving in worlds beyond the crib, the quilt moves, too. Maybe it will be a familiar nap companion in someone else’s house, or soothing comfort to combat the crankies on a long car ride. Then it becomes a comfy play mat when the toddler is trading toys with a friend or hanging with his older siblings. When she learns to love a reading session with her grandparents, the quilt is a comforting wrap to envelop child and reader as they share the story together.

They’re personal

deep blue sea quilt

Every family has interests and hobbies, and unique hand-made quilt designs can reflect those pursuits so that the little ones are included right from the start.  Sailboats are just the ticket for the boating enthusiasts.  Fish themes suit the angler family. Happy little animals are in sync with the pet fanciers and animal lovers. A circus troupe or a jungle design might fit right in with the nursery theme.

They’re educational

numbers baby quilt

All grandparents hope their grandchildren will have happy lives, and most would love to start them on their way to love learning and spark their imaginations. Unique baby quilts provide that opportunity by allowing the grandparent and grandchild to learn about the animals and flowers in the quilt design, and to make up stories based on the colorful cloth pictures. Some baby quilts for sale have a match-me patchwork pattern, and some patterns have a numbers theme to please the eye and stir the brain.

Handmade baby quilts will be cherished as a keepsake

Handmade baby quilts warm winter’s chill

Because they are so strongly made, a hand-made baby quilt will last as long as a child wants to use it, and when he’s through, it can be packed away along with all the happy memories your gift provided. Perhaps one day his children will also have the pleasure of cuddling with their daddy’s very own handmade baby quilt – an event every great-grandma would relish.


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