Handmade Baby Quilts with a Football Theme Are Always Winners

Handmade Baby Quilts with a Football Theme Are Always Winners

whether they warm up the baby’s family around the TV before the Super Bowl Game or warm up the little ones all year long. Here’s how the Baby Quilt Lady’s playbook makes that happen:

Handmade baby quilt. sports theme quilt, football print

Create football designs that warm the whole family’s heart

What better way to make the newest member of a football-loving family fit right in with the older fans than by creating a baby quilt the reflects their passions? Mom, Dad, and siblings will delight in seeing the newbie cuddling a football-themed quilt.  This will be the baby’s first entry into that special society that treasures battles of the pigskin variety.  When The Baby Quilt Lady makes the quilt for your baby, the football elements will be designed in a pattern like no other, so there’ll be no seeing copycats in the stadium or at the park.

Integrate the baby’s name into the design

To make each little one enjoy the football-theme quilt to the fullest, his or her name can be embroidered right onto the quilt. And here’s an idea: perhaps the jersey number of the family’s most beloved pro can be embroidered right alongside.  Let’s make it even more personal by using some of Dad’s varsity jersey in the quilt design.

Make football-theme quilts for boys and girls

Drop kick those old gender stereotypes right out of the stadium. Little girls might love football just as much as boys do.  Encourage their love of the game with football prints surrounded by softer colors than those more often associated with boys, or not. Who knows if that little girl might be an NFL ref some day?

Football Bears Paws

Make each quilt’s performance worthy of a Heisman Trophy

Tough and rugged, that’s one prerequisite for a trophy winner.  The Baby Quilt Lady makes her quilthttps://uniquebabyquiltboutique.com/baby-quilts-for-sale/new-quilt-designs/s with the highest quality materials and the most durable assembly techniques.  Another champion quality is ability to overcome obstacles, like countless machine washings and dryings and kiddie abuse.  Versatility of play, like The Baby Quilt Lady’s hand-sewn quilts that are just as useful to the family team as a baby warm-up in the car, at the mall, or at the too-chilly homes of friends and family. And a trophy winner always stands out from the crowd. Quilts from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique do just that, by the uniqueness of their designs, their personalizing potential and the excellence of the workmanship.

Personalized Play Ball

Score a touchdown with the baby and the family in your life by choosing a football-theme quilt for the big game lovers, or a basketball-theme quilt for those so inclined, or one of dozens of other theme options in The Quilt Lady’s cupboard.

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