Buy a Handmade Baby Quilt Personalized with Baby’s Name

A personalized baby quilt is a great way to show how much you treasure the new little one in your family’s life.

Personalized Jungle Animals
Personalized Jungle Animals

Handmade Means Highly Individual

There are many gifts you could select for the new arrival, but they could be for any baby. Handmade baby quilts for boys and girls that have their names in the designs are one-of-a-kind gifts that send a special message:  This gift was not mass-produced for all babies, but lovingly hand-crafted for this particular little person who has just entered the world. Grandparents hope to give their new grandchild something totally different than the many other gifts that will be given. The outfits blur into one big pastel mass. The equipment is destined for a corner of the garage.  Nothing is more distinctive than a quilt that has been created and personalized with the baby’s name.

personalized zoo funWhat’s in a Name? Everything

A personalized baby quilt reflects the loving care that went into choosing the baby’s name. Mom and Dad probably spent many long hours deciding on what would be just the right name for the baby. They wanted something distinctive, something that would give their child confidence as he or she navigates through life.

Or perhaps the baby is named for a beloved family member. Then that name takes on the love and respect of the namesake.  So now it’s just not any name, but one that carries with it the memory of the dear one who came before.

When a new baby joins the family, his name and personality define him from his brothers and sisters. Buy a handmade baby quilt personalized with baby’s name helps that identity process from the very beginning.

You Can Determine the Quilt’s Personality

When you contact the Quilt Lady, she can help you use your knowledge of the family to create a personalized baby quilt tailor made for the baby who will enjoy it.

And the baby will enjoy it for many years. All quilts from the Unique Baby Quilt Boutique are made from the finest soft baby flannels, and all are sewn with the care and precision only an experienced quilter can provide. Think outside the box when you are considering what to get the new baby. You want your gift to say how much you love the new little one, and you want it to be something that will be cherished by the baby and her family for a long, long time. Skip the mass-produced, short-term outfits and soon-to-be-obsolete equipment and buy a personalized handmade baby quilt.  It will be a spectacular gift so buy a handmade baby quilt personalized with baby’s name.

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