Handmade Baby Quilt Comfort Comes to Wheelchair Users

A Salute to those who defended our country. Here is a handmade wheelchair quilt for veterans.

“Let’s end the cliche of the boring plaid blanket that has been used by those in wheelchairs for so many years,” says The Baby Quilt Lady, from her Florida-based sewing room. “The time has come for wheelchair occupants to assert their individuality with one-of-kind designs created exclusively for them.”

Herr Unique Baby Quilt Boutique business has been delighting newborns and toddlers with  top-quality, individualized designs for many years. This much-experienced quilter decided it was time to bring the same visual and tactile pleasure to a special group of people who are so challenged in their daily lives.

Purple Rain is a handmade wheelchair quilt for veterans designed in vivid colors and a perfect lap quilt size.

“Make no mistake about,” The Baby Quilt Lady states, “The designs I make for wheelchair users aren’t just pared-down versions of children’s designs, but fresh, adult motifs that are cheerful and personally significant.”

She explains she has a number of ways to create quilts that are far more meaningful than the mundane blankets so often used.

“Unlike infants who have yet to reveal their personalities, people who use wheelchairs can make their preferences known,” she says. “Perhaps a favorite color could be the main focus of a handmade quilt, with different solids and coordinating prints combining to complete the work.

Thank you for Your Service is a handmade wheelchair quilt for veterans.

“Or it could be the user’s special interests, like football helmet prints or sail boats for men and boys, or flowers and butterflies for women and girls.

“And that’s not all,” she smiles. “ You can have the user’s name embroidered right into the quilt design, large or small at your pleasure, so the quilt will say ‘custom-made’ to anyone who sees it.”

Her bag of tricks includes another option for personalizing quilts, and that is incorporating fabrics from the person’s life into the design. “It can be pieces of clothing that belonged to loved ones, or maybe it will be pieces of things worn by the grandchildren,” she says. “As long as the fabric is washable and compatible with the soft flannels I use, it can work into an especially meaningful quilt that the owner will cherish far more than some store-bought, impersonal covering.”

The Baby Quilt Lady says she uses the softest flannels and the toughest sewing techniques to create quilts in a made-to-order wheelchair size that will endure wear and tear and stand up to frequent washer and dryer use.

“In our current home-sheltering situation, perhaps wheelchair users are having a hard time being away from many places they enjoy visiting. What a wonderful surprise for them to receive a super-comfortable wheelchair quilt especially made for them.

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