4 Reasons Personalized Handmade Baby Quilts Make Great Gifts

Handmade Baby Quilt, Personalized Animal I Spy, Personalized Baby Quilt

Choosing a baby gift can be one of those monumental tasks. New moms today have their own ideas of what the nursery should look like, and you have no idea of what she has in mind. Maybe you just don’t live near the family. Or, you are not familiar with what the family already has for the newest addition.  Personalized baby quilts are always a big hit as a gift at any baby shower, no matter how many other children are in the family.


Here are 4 reasons why:

1. Personalizing a baby quilt customizes the gift for the newborn.  This cherished keepsake marks a special time in the life of the child.  This special one-of-a-kind quilt becomes that special blanket that no one else in the family can call theirs.  Typically, families pass clothes down from one child to another. A personalized quilt stays with the child because it has his or her name on it. Other siblings will just have to get their own.

Handmade Baby Quilt, Personalized, Turtle print in blue

Parents use the baby quilt as a backdrop for photos to mark the milestone of new baby’s life in months or years as they grow. Adding a baby’s name along with the birth date can document these special occasions.

Colorful, personalized baby quilts send a message that this gift is a personal gift. It is not one just purchased on-line or at the store.

2. A personalized handmade baby quilt makes a great stroller blanket or floor mat for the child to play on.  The family can also use these gorgeous nursery blankets as wall décor to brighten a nursery wall in the child’s room.

Handmade baby quilt. sports theme quilt, ball games quilt, blue quilt, personalized quilt

3. It is easier to keep track of a personalized baby blanket at the park or in a daycare setting. A clearly marked blanket won’t end up in the wrong diaper bag,

4. A personalized baby blanket provides visual interest for your little one. Long before they are reading, babies love to study letters, numbers, and pictures—and it won’t be long before she proudly identifies the letters in her first name and the numbers in her birth date.

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